Living in the light of eternity

Due to room sizes everyone will attend the ‘Making the most of the rest of your life’ seminar either in the morning or afternoon. You will also attend one other seminar – please give your top two preferences for this when you book.


Making the most of the rest of your life

Tim Davies

The world lives for now because it’s all they have. Christians have a glorious hope. But does it really change our lives?


Retirement in the light of eternity

John Magowan

How will you use retirement? Going on endless world travels? Playing golf? Putting your feet up after years of hard work? How should eternity shape your thoughts about retirement? This seminar will be ideal for those approaching or already in retirement.


Parenting in the light of eternity

Simon and Merry Bradshaw

How does eternity shape the way you raise your family? How should eternity affect both your day to day parenting and your long term goals for your children?


Work in the light of eternity

Andy Mills

Many of us spend hours at work and face big ethical and moral decisions in our jobs. How should eternity change our attitude to work and the way that we act there? This seminar will be ideal for students facing career decisions as well as those already in paid employment.


Suffering in the light of eternity

Andy Brewerton and David Middleton

Suffering is one of the big questions of the Christian life, because it is one of the toughest aspects of life itself. How does eternity change the way we understand and cope with living in a broken world?


Sexuality in the light of eternity

Ed Pennington

There’s hardly a hotter topic in the world today than sexuality. Whether we’re facing personal issues of sexuality or not, we’re sure to encounter questions from our friends and family. How does eternity shape our thinking about sexuality?


Money in the light of eternity

Pete Jackson

Money is a daily consideration. The Bible says much about it. How should eternity change out attitude to money and impact how we spend it?